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GWG Rating Review - Perennial Value Microcap Opportunities Trust:

Zenith Head of Research Bronwen Moncrfeff reviews the Perennial Value Microcap OpportunitfesTrust

GWG Rating Review - JPMorgan Global Strategic Bond Fund

GWG ManagingPartner David Wright reviews theJPMorgan Global Strategic Bond Fund


Despiite the stellar success ofETFs,GWG believes advisers needtopay attentiontopotentialredflagsontheiirlongevitybeforeinvesting.

GWG RatingReview-BMOPryfordGlobalAbsoluteReturnFund

GWG HeadofResearchEronwenMoncriefflooksattheBMOPryfordGlobalAbsoluteReturnFundinthelatestRatingsReview

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